I'm Uncle Ted bitch!!! Actually, my real name is Sathia(suh-tee-uh) Chet. The "h" isn't pronounced so dont do it. I've lived in Tacoma, WA my whole life, but I was born in Battambang, Cambodia. And yeah, I'm the fat one in the group, but don't let my size fool you; I can run pretty fast when a dog is chasing me(for real, man). I got into rhyming through Cambino. He rhymed over this "Eastside, Westside" beat I believe in our Freshman year in high school if I can remember right. We were listening to it on our way home from school one day and I thought to myself, "this shit's cool", and I asked if I can get on a song, and it took off from there. I'd written poetry(yeah go ahead and laugh) so I thought rap could be pretty easy for me. I'm also, the clown and alcoholic of the group. You'll rarely find me in a serious mood or sober, cause I hate that shit biatch!!! I hate freestyling cause I suck at it, so don't ever come up to me and ask if I wanna freestyle battle or whatever. I'll slap you in your FUCKIN' FACE!!! My only reason for rapping is to entertain people. I love that shit!!! Enough about me, what about you???
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