The 2nd Language
Language Arts
by Keith Ancker

Hip Hop has the power, baby. It can transcend cultural, racial boundaries and get everyone on the same page. For example, Tacoma's The 2nd Language is made up of Cambodians whose love for the music has resulted in Language Arts, a surprisingly well done album that will have cats bobbing from the crib to the car to the club. And far from being stuck in a rut, The 2nd Language have enough versatility to kick a number of different flows on club ish ("Corona Nights"), braggadocios jams like "Shuffle (B-Boy Stance)," which also qualifies as the best joint on the album, and plain old sex-type tracks like "Massagin' This Stick." Produced entirely by Red Cambino, Language Arts exhibits hints of that emerging Seattle/NW sound, that smoothness and clean flow that come from, and complement, the rainy days the area has to offer. Rainy City music, baby. With some work on their flows and their hooks, these guys have the potential to blow up. Worth the cheddar if you need something to nod to.


If you're in the seattle area please help us by requesting Corona Nights on Kube 93.3 FM

How many Cambodians do you know get air time on a mainstream Hip Hop/RnB station..we need your support!!!!

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