* Pacific Southwest Emmy Awards. Recipient. 06/26/10 
-* Best Production * Best Original Score

EXECUTIVE PRODUCER : WALLY SCHLOTTER. Writer, Director, Producer, Actor : Jared L.Davis. Producer : Wade Miller. Music Composer : Larry Groupe.
RESIDUE is a controversial and intriguing story about the CIA's involvement in Cambodia in 1970, and the chilling aftermath that follows several years later. In 1970 the war in Vietnam began to spread past its border into neutral Cambodia. Fearing the spread of communism, Cambodia became a target of the CIA. On March 16th 1970 General Lon Nol staged a coup de tat in Cambodia with assistance from the American CIA and a group of 12 secret army Cambodian soldiers who believed they were doing what was best for their country. "Those who do not learn from the past are doomed to repeat it"
C h r i s   C a s h   .   W a d e   M i l l e r   .   p r a C h   .   J a r e d   D a v i s   .   W a l l y   S c h l o t t e r .
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