Name:  Pou Khlaing      

Place of birth:    Kompong Soam, Cambodia.  

Occupation: Music Composer, performing artist, (independent worker entertain business) and Klap ya hand, New song production, independent worker,) Governor Job work Under, Cambodia Olympic committee of Cambodia, as Vice President of BASEBALL KHMER Federation and Expert of Cambodian Dance sport Federation.

"The purpose of doing music is, to do what I Enjoy, because it bigger then just listening, it's creative, my own creative mind, independent, understanding technologies, best of all Music is universal and I am a universal person, that is the point. Music is no different then life itself." - Pou Khlaing

Hobbie, Public person, but like to recharge alone, Pou Khlaing has become one of Cambodia’s most popular recording artists. His songs are mostly the mixture of Khmer traditional music and rap songs. He has recorded several CDs, and his popular hit song, “Saravan Hip Hop” has been viewed on YouTube by hundreds of thousands of people, and the video still gets lots of hits. His concerts sell out, and he is still in demand as one of the leading Khmer performers in Cambodia.

Growing up in Kampong Som Province, Pou Khlaing was wild child, and found his talents by entertaining people and making lots of friends. His father, mother, and his two sisters have always supported him in his career.  Pou Khlaing has written all of his songs. One special song that he wrote, which is his favorite, is called, “Letter of Mit Kouen”. This song was written about his best friend, Kouen, who had a girl friend, and she became pregnant. His friend did not know what to do so he wrote to Pou Khlaing in the U.S. At the time, Pou Khlaing was in living in Kentucky and was very busy with his own life, and did not have time to respond back to his friend. It was too late, and his best friend and girlfriend were in a car accident and both died.
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