Universal Speakers : Universal Love . the album.
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only in the United States.
Universal Speakers : Universal Love . the album.
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Over Seas / Out side the U.S.
U.S. 3rd album titled "Universal Love"

Released May 2009

....Vice, Versa, and Versatile definitely stepped it up this time.  "Universal Love" their 3rd self titled album is  mostly Reggae with Hip-Hop and R&B accents. They definitely have their own sound. There's no other female group with this Reggae cross over sound, which is a unique style. This album's production has far advance from their previous album. The overall track production is crisp!  The 1st album "No Hard Feelings" was more pop and r&b. The 2nd album "Joint Project" was more hip-hop and now they totally have that reggae vibe with "Universal Love". What a crossover.  Vice, Versa, and Versatile are definitely "Universal."

Featuring Artists like Dub PassenJah (male strong reggae vocalist/musician, which is featured on many tracks on the album, he mind as well become a member of Universal Speakers) , Skano G (male emcee that rhymes fast, some say he sounds like a member of Bones Thugz N Harmony, featuring also on the Joint Project Album), Exaktoh of Rhythm Natives (a male emcee with a dope underground style), Feel (upcoming R&B sensation with a doo-wop style) and Kris Ransom (Underground Hip Hop emcee with a dope style).

The album also features Reggae Central Host "Chuck Foster of KPFK 90.7," and Reggae Artists Half Pint! Universal Love has hot producers on the track such as Clear Concience, Upsetta Sound, Soleternity, Xpressive One (Sweden), B.U.B (Maui), and more. 

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