Name: Nen Tum  

Place of birth:  Tbong Khmoum, Kompong Cham

Occupation: Artist / Rapper / Singer 

Biography: Nen have been in an art industry for about 20 years. When he was young, his parent whom was an artist of Khmer Traditional Play call "Lakhorn". He learn to play the instruments by watching his parents and other Masters. In 1995, he started to learn how to dance disco and became a dance teacher. At the same time his mother started to open studio to teach traditional arts. That’s when he start to learn more about the music, both Traditional and Modern Arts. As more opportunites open for him, he summit to join a pop singing contest at a few TV stations, such as CTN and TV3. He won 1st prize for both of the TV contests. That how his career as a singing artist started. He heard about hip-hop music and was very intersted it in and liked it right away. He as introduce to Pou Khlaing, a "KlapYaHandz" member and have been performing as his hypeman/partner since. Through Pou Khlaing, He got a chance to know "KlapYaHandz" and join the group. His purpose on creating music is to uplifting the Khmer Arts, to educate the people.
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