Name: Lisha   

Place of birth: P.Penh, Cambodia
Occupation: Artist / Writer / Producer

BIO: Lisha is one of Cambodia’s best female hip-hop artist. MC Lisha is a hip-hop veteran, she was one of the people that helped influence hip-hop in the country of Cambodia since 2002. She worked along side DJ Sope, who first introduced hip-hop to the country and is considered the grandfather of hip-hop in Cambodia. Both DJ Sope and Lisha worked at a local radio station as a radio DJ, playing American hip-hop music. She then joined a hip-hop group called "Phnom Penh Bad Boyz". For the love of hip-hop they recorded music for fun and performed at local bars and clubs. Their expectations were not to become famous but to help introduce this new culture to the people, and because of their hard work, it got them recognized in the Source magazine, the Source was considerd to be the bible of hip-hop.

In 2007, Lisha joined "KlapYaHandz", a hip-hop group in Cambodia. She continues to make music and also writes music for a lot of the artist under the label. Her goal is to send a message of life’s experiences, showing love for the country and giving hope to the people through her positive lyrics. Lisha’s work has gotten herself recognized worldwide and has collaborated with many artists from other countries. Today, Lisha is still working with "KlapYaHandz" and is still representing hip-hop, helping the culture grow and putting the country back on the map for the people. She is definitely the Queen of hip-hop in Cambodia.


Bands We Like: Cambodia’s First-Class MC, Lisha

BY: Halley  05/19/11


Last week, I was reviewing Mondega’s new album when out of the blue I heard a fiery female voice. She was dropping spotless English, Khmer, and Jarai-language rhymes on the club hip hop track “Unity, We Rise.” Naturally, I did a double-take.

Her name’s Lisha. Well, Jessica Lisha Srin. She’s a tiny-framed, elusive MC with a Yolandi Vi$$er voice and a daytime copywriter job in Cambodia. Sans a website or much publicized info, she’s still highly coveted in the hip hop scene in southeast Asia.

Lisha’s a resident rapper of the Khmer collective KlapYaHandz music, which has made her a major go-to for duo throwdowns. You’ll find video after video of Lisha rapping with the likes of local groups Khmer Kid and Los Poporks. Most recently, she flowed for the Swedish hip hop group Maskinen, who specifically sought her out on a trip to Cambodia.

Most of her tracks, produced by KlapYaHandz head Cream, come with a tight, sampled, independent vibe. I couldn’t tell you what she’s saying on her myriad singles, but my favorite track, “Woman,” is themed on feminism. Go girl!

The MV for “Woman” was filmed at the Olympic Stadium, a sports venue in her home city Phnom Penh. Watch it below!

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