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- Can you give us a brief Bio of yourself.

I'll just get straight to what's important and how I got
started doing music. I can't say I was a big trouble maker, but a
little trouble making had got me far in what I am making my life of
today. I'm always caught with the wrong crowd, always wanting
to follow because I thought it was cool when you got friends who are
up to no good. During probation in high school, I was sent to
a gang prevention program in Pasadena, CA. I was toe to toe with all
type of young thugs and trouble maker. Since everyone always like to
talk beef, push and shove and argue. They made us write alot,
I had nothing better to do but write lyrics because I grew up
listening to hip-hop. I gained my respect with everyone because my
lyrics meant something to them and that's when I start to began rapping in
front of people. I didn't pick up a keyboard, and I didn't pick up any
beat machine, I picked up a pen and started writing rhythms with words. I start
trying to record my rap, but I hate to record on beats that people
already used. I told myself, I'm not going to follow, I'm going to make something
for myself this time. Thanks to the world of internet and computers, I
was able to get me a copy of fruityloops and I gave that a try. I started making beats
on them and the more I made music, the more I had discover a talent
that I never knew I had. People I knew generally start off making
beats by sampling. I took a different approach in making beats just
from scratch and playing the keyboards. After years of practicing my beat making skills,
I stop rapping. I do write a lot , but maybe I just haven't found the right beat yet to
make a rap song with. Don't worry though, I won't keep the world
waiting. From all the things I been through, I think it's time that I
lead the world with my music.

- At what point in life when you decided that this is ( music/ making beats)
your calling?

When the world had turned me down and the only
positive outlet I had was music. We all need an outlet when there are negativity
in this world, many people can't seem to find it. I feel blessed that I am given
this outlet. The things I have achieved in life through music is worth more than
any Grammy or awards.

- What is your take on the current music scene and sound ?

The current music scene is evolving and revolutionizing how we hear
and feel music. I feel thats the way it should be and that we need to create more of
that feeling, knowing we're still moving forward through these hard times. It let us know
that we are looking ahead but still learning from the past.

- What do you consider your proud accomplishment as far in life?

I am proud of the support that I have been given so far. Most
importantly discovering who I really am, to actually
know that there is something to live for.

- what your take on our current economy?

It can be better. They need a business guy like me to run the whole world.

- Who inspire you in life ?

Everyone. I don't care where you from, what you've done and where you
going. Everyone's mistakes will inspire me to not follow, and anyone's
talent will always inspire me to lead.

- Who do you think is the most over rated Asian Rapper/ musician  and the
most under rated ?

There's not really any Asian rappers I would considered to be over
rated because I really haven't seen much change. And as of right now,
we are ALL Under Rated.

- If you can work with any one in the music business right now who would it
be and why?

Anyone who wants to lead the world with their
music. But I really look up to Jay-Z, not only is he one of the best rapper,
but he is one of thebest business man in the game. You can have the Nets, Jay-Z.

When I'm at your level, I'll buy the Clippers.

- What is your current project, and where can we find your older projects?

My current project is in the business side right now. I'm planning on
working on a whole new project for promoting and marketing new music, but I am
always looking for that big break to put me out there. An instrumental album will
be at work soon, for those who like to chill and listen to music.You can probably
find some of my old stuff on soundclick.
- ( click on Kinesus Beats album cover for more info ) -
 - Where do you see yourself or want to see your self at 10 years from now?

I want to be able to successfully launch a new business and
revolutionize the digital age in the music industry.

- What is your movement and why should we support you?

I want to be able to share what we all have in common and it's really
not hard to see. People seem to understand more that we are different, but if you show
the world that we are all the same, then we all can relate and unite. We all can live in
different part of the world, but knowing that we struggle to live is something we have
in common.

- 7 words to best describe yourself?

- Entrepreneur
- Creative
- Technical
- Leader
- Friend
- Lover

- 7 thing you would put in your time capsule?

Seven things are too much to put into a time capsule. If I can, I'm
only going to put myself, my lover, and my computer with all my lyrics
and beats.

- Any last words ?

To Be Continue....

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