1. 800 AD
    800 AD - The city of Angkor was the capital of Cambodia's Khmer empire for a number of centuries starting around 800 AD. This blurb in my Lonely Planet helped put it into perspective: The hundreds of temples surviving today are but the sacred skeleton of the vast ...
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    800 AD - In 800 AD, competing nearby kingdoms were conquered and came under one rule that of a dynasty, which continued for about two centuries after eventually becoming the Khmer empire.
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  3.  802 AD
    802 AD - The birth of the empire was estimated to be in 802 AD. There were some factors that led to the rise of the Khmer Empire. First, location played a major role. Angkor, the seat of the Khmer Empire, was located just north of the Tonle Sap, south of the Kulen ...
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    802 AD - It also has a major symbolic importance for Cambodians as the birthplace of the ancient Khmer Empire, for it was at Phnom Kulen that King Jayavarma II proclaimed independence from Java in 802 AD [3 ...
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  5.  862 AD
    862 AD - According to a contemporary Chinese chronicler, who visited these regions in 862 AD, the northern part of Alavirastra formed the boundary of the Khmer empire.
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  6.  879 AD
    879 AD - The Angkor temples were built by the kings of the Khmer Empire over a period of about five centuries, beginning in 879 AD. The Khmer were almost constantly at war with their neighbors, the Siamese (Thailand) and the state of Champa (Viet Nam). During the ...
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  7.  880 AD
    Jan 25, 880 AD - Indravarman I was a ruler of Khmer Empire who reigned from Hariharalaya between 877/78 and 889/890 AD. According to the inscriptions of the Práḥ Kô temple, consecrated on Monday, the 25th January 880 AD(Foundation stele K. 713 a three pairs of ...
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  8.  893 AD
    893 AD - Finally the third temple is the Lolei, built in 893 AD and built by the successor of Indravarman I. In the afternoon, visit the the Great City of Angkor Thom, which was the last capital of the Great Khmer Empire under the reign of Jayavarman VII. This ...
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  9.  921 AD
    921 AD - Koh Ker Temple - Cambodia Koh Ker used to be palace of the Khmer emperor by King Jayavarman IV whom built this city in year 921 AD. The Koh Ker was the third ancient capital of Khmer Empire; it may have been the capital for just 15 years. King ...
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  10.  928 AD
    928 AD - Koh Ker: An Angkorian site in northern Cambodia. 70 miles northeast of Angkor itself, it was briefly the capital of the Khmer empire between 928 and 944 under King Jayavarman IV and his son Hasavarman II. In 928 AD. Koh Ker style (928-944) : Named ...
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  11.  938 AD
    938 AD - The people of Vietnam regained independence and broke away from China in 938 AD after their victory at the Battle of Bạch Đằng River. They formed their own kingdom and called it Đại Việt"大越“ (The Great Việt Kingdom). This kingdom grew stronger; it ...
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  12.  939 AD
    939 AD - For two thousand years, Vietnam first had fought for its independence from China , which it achieved in AD 939. Then it began expanding its own territory south and westward, overrunning and destroying the Cham empire and driving the Khmer empire back from the ...
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  13.  944 AD
    944 AD - For a brief period between 928 and 944 AD, Koh Ker was the capital of the mighty Khmer empire under King Jayavarman IV and his son. Koh Ker is dominated by a lovely 30-meter temple called Prasat Thom, which looks over a valley littered with smaller ...
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  14.  968 AD
    968 AD - Rajendravarman was a king of the Khmer Empire who ruled from 944 to 968 AD. His principle monuments, located in the Angkor region of Cambodias Siem Reap province, are Pre Rup and East Mebon. ... Pre Rup is a temple at Angkor, Cambodia, built as the ...
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  15.  1000 AD
    1000 AD - Their sophisticated irrigation systems produced three crops a year. In 1000 AD, their capital at Angkor with 200000 people was one of the five largest cities in the world. The Khmer empire coverednearly all of Southeast Asia.
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  16.  1010 AD
    1010 AD - In 1010, Suryavarman I ascended the throne as king of the Khmer Empire. Twelve years later he, said to be of aristocratic birth and Malay origin, expanded his rule into parts of Siam and Laos. Occasionally niggling pettiness creeps in, even in the naming of ...
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  17.  1057 AD
    1057 AD - Thaton, like other Mon kingdoms, faced the gradual encroachment of Khmer Empire. But it was the Pagan Kingdom from the north that conquered the fabled kingdom in 1057.
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  18.  1076 AD
    1076 AD - In 1076, the Song Dynasty formed an alliance with Champa and the Khmer Empire ( on Dai Viet's south and west borders) and invaded Dai Viet. Ly Nhan Tong again appointed Ly Thuong Kiet as commander. Since the Song were attacking both on land and by sea, Ly ...
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  19.  1100 AD
    1100 AD - Southeast Asia circa 1100 AD. Khmer Empire lands in blue. During the 3rd, 4th, and 5th centuries, the Indianised states of Funan and Chenla coalesced in what is now present-day Cambodia and southwestern Vietnam. These states are assumed by most scholars to ...
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    1100 AD - What Phu Champasak is in southern Laos, but it was built by the ancient Khmer ( Cambodians) during their great empire of 802 - 1432 AD. This one probably dates to around 1100 AD. It was a Hindu temple, as the Khmer were Hindu until sometime around the late 1200's ...
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  21.  1113 AD
    1113 AD - 1113 AD Khmer Empire Reaches Peak - The Khmer Empire in present-day Cambodia was established in 600 and reached its peak under Suryavarman II. Under his leadership, the Khmer Empire was expanded to include most of the area consisting of modern-day Vietnam.
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  22.  1130 AD
    1130 AD - The next day we made our way to Siem Reap. Tourists only go to Siem Reap for one reason, and that is to visit Ankar Wat. The area of Ankar used to be the capital of the Khmer Empire (what is now Cambodia) and in the year 1130, King Suryavarman II built the ...
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  23.  1145 AD
    1145 AD - Wars with the Chams, defeated by the Khmer empire in 1145, Khmer empire at its apex. Cham wars depicted in Angkor Wat's bas relief galleries.
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  24.  1150 AD
    1150 AD - The Empire had taken a huge blow when their “god-king” Jayavarman VII had passed on and left the people without a strong leader to lead them through the crisis that was happening. In 1150 CE, the Khmer Empire went into slight decline after the death of King ...
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    1150 AD - The building of Angkor Wat was finished in the year 1150 CE. by king Suryavarman II, when the Khmer empire was at its height. Angkor Wat was used as the capital of the Khmer empire, and as State Temple of the king, dedicated to the Hindu god Vishnu. The ...
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  26.  1177 AD
    1177 AD - This technique was used by the Champa against the Khmer empire in 1177. The Champa had many fortified jungle fortresses, some with walls nine metres in height. The Mongols were forced to ask the Annam empire for assistance but the king Tran Thah-ton was not ...
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  27.  1178 AD
    1178 AD - It was surrounded by thick walls and by a large moat: this defensive structure was due to the fact that the previous capital had been taken and sacked by the Champa in 1178. It was founded by King Jayavarman VII, the prince who led the Khmer reaction and forced ...
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  28.  1181 AD
    1181 AD - In 1181, at the age of 61, he was crowned a sole king of Khmer Empire and began a brilliant reign of more than 30 years, during which he brought the empire to its zenith, both in terms of territorial expansion and of royal architecture and construction.
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  29.  1186 AD
    1186 AD - The next stop was Ta Prohm. This atmospheric jungle-shrouded, photogenic ruin was used as a location in the film Tomb Raider. Built in 1186 AD, the temple was abandoned after the fall of the Khmer empire in the 15th century. The towering trees around the ...
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  30.  1190 AD
    1190 AD - Jayavarman VII was a great conqueror who during his rei gn expanded the Khmer empire to its widest limits. He annexed Champa in AD 1190 and exercised overlordship on a portion of Malay Peninsula and the Irrawaddy delta also.
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  31.  1191 AD
    1191 AD - He also continued to be a successful general, defeating the Chams on numerous other occasions, eventually sacking their capital in 1191. He enlarged the Khmer Empire to its greatest extent, winning land in what is now present day Thailand, in addition to that ...
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  32.  1219
    1219 - After the death of King Jayavarman VII AD 1219, the Khmer Empire fell into a rapid decline. The Thai Empire was gaining dominance at this time.
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  33.  1220
    1220 - The Angkor Wat temple in Cambodia is one of the most legendary archeological sites in the world, and probably one of the best. The Angkor Wat, built by the Khmer empire between 802 and 1220 AD, represents one of most astonishing and enduring...
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  34.  1230
    1230 - Around 1230 AD, Sukhothai became the first independent kingdom in the Khmer empire. The kingdom was established in an area that lies about 280 miles north of today's city of Bangkok. Visitors to the archaeological ruins of the ancient cities of this early ...
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  35.  1238
    1238 - Thai city-states gradually became independent from the weaker Khmer Empire. It is said that Sukhothai was established as a sovereign, strong kingdom by Pho Khun Si Indrathit in 1238 AD. A political feature called by 'classic' Thai historians as, 'father ...
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    1238 - Highjack to be the Buddhist kingdom of Sukhothai, which was founded in 1238, following the decline and fall of the Khmer empire in the 13th - 15th century AD . A century later,... Save Paper. Cvs Vs. Walgreens its growth. If this slows down or stops then ...
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    1238 - Phra Ruang dynasty took the name of 8 kings, who ruled the empire. The first regent was Si Indratitja (1235 -1279), who managed to break the Khmer rule in 1238.
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  38.  1253
    1253 - The Khmer Empire also expanded westward at the expense of the Mons of Davaravati and then at the ex- pense also of the Thai who had come into the basins of the Menam and Mekhong Rivers in great numbers around the thirteenth century at the fall of Nanchao in ...
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  39.  1257
    1257 - By this time, in about 1257 AD, one of the Thai princes within the Khmer-Empire Khan Sri Indradit, a name of Sunskrit origin bestowed by the Khmer King, with the help of his able son named Khun Ram Kamhang, or popularly known in legends as Ph ra Ruang ...
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  40.  1283
    1283 - After Jayavarman VII the Khmer Empire entered into decline. The Thai Kingdom of Sukhothai managed to repel the Khmer. The Empire was threatened by the Mongols ( but not annexed) under Kublai Khan in 1283. The Thais became the persistent enemy of the Khmer ...
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  41.  1287
    1287 - Creation managed to continue despite the seizure of the city by the Mongols in 1287. Buddhist art been essentially political, most of the cultural influence coming directly from India. Later, from the 9th to 13th centuries, the Mahayana Buddhist and Hindu ...
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  42.  1292
    1292 - Starting in the 7th century Lampang was part of the Dvaravati period Haripunchai kingdom of the Mon. In the 11th century the Khmer empire occupied the Lampang area, but it was King Mengrai of Lannathai who incorporated the complete Haripunchai kingdom into ...
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  43.  1295
    1295 - Khmer Empire under Jayavaraman 8was threatned not yet physical invasion. The empire was spared after Jayavaraman 8 paid a tribute to Kublai Khan Royal Court then he was deposed out by his son in law in 1295.
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  44.  1296
    1296 - This authentic Khmer recipe have been around since the early century and became very popular after the visited from Chinese ambassador Zhou Daguan in 1296. The presentation was that the yellow mung bean meaning gold , and the tapioca sauce for water that ...
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  45.  1297
    1297 - [12] The geography of medieval Cambodia (the Khmer Empire) was documented in the book Zhen-La Feng Tu Ji of 1297 AD, written by Zhou Daguan. [12 ...
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  46.  1300
    1300 - In 1300, Khmer Sukhotei became Tai Sukhotai. Thai tonal speaking is Tai tonal speaking group in south of China. But Tai writing is Khmer writing from Khmer Empire. Khmer alphabets, Khmer vowels and Khmer numerals have been using by Thais as Thai official ...
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  47.  1316
    1316 - According to historical chronicles, in 1316, in the Tai principality (muang) known as Muang Sua which was located on the present day site of Luang Prabang, Fa Ngum, the son of Thao Phi Fa was born. Not long after, Thao Phi Fa was expelled by his father ...
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  48.  1345
    1345 - With the fall of Sukhothai in 1345 , the first kingdom of Laos emerged under Fa Ngum, a Lao prince brought up in the court of Angkor Wat. As the Khmer Empire crumbled, Fa Ngum welded together a new empire, which he modestly christened 'Lan Xang' - the Land ...
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  49.  1350
    1350 - When Ayutthaya was founded in 1350, it was the center of a conquering kingdom which was expanding northward into the lands controlled by Chiang Mai and westward into the Khmer empire centered at Angkor. As befits a wartime capital, it was built on a man-made ...
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  50.  1353
    1353 - In 1353, at the northeast, Lan Xang Kingdom (Laos) was founded. Beyond the far northeast region of the Khmer Empire at the Chinese border, there was an establishment of a new state called Chao Chili by the Ytieh (Vietnam). Until the early 900's, the state ...
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  51.  1373
    1373 - Fag Ngum ruled Lan Xang for 20 years, surviving periods of religous strife and almost constant warfare along his ill-defined borders, until he was deposed by the court ministers in favor of his son Oun Hueun (Sam Sen Thai) in 1373 AD. Apparently, the ...
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  52.  1393
    1393 - Borommaracha II or Chao Ponhea Yat was the last king of the Khmer Empire.He was the son of Srey Soriyovong and became king in 1393...
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  53.  1400
    1400 - Phnom Penh, the capitol of Cambodia has had a long and tumultuous history since the decline of the Khmer Empire around 1400 AD. The difficulties culminated in the late 1970s with the rise of Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge. With their rise to power with the ...
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    1400 - Dark purple highlighted is Cambodia in 1400 AD Over many disastrous years of invasion, our ancestral land size reduced after being sacked by Chinese of southern China; Tai(Thai-Siam), Annam(Vietnam), and the establishment of Laos( Lan Xang or Lan Chang) by ...
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  55.  1428
    1428 - The northern Vietnamese people were Mahayana Buddhists under Chinese influence. They had been a part of China until the fall of the T'ang dynasty. Reconquered by the Yüan and Ming emperors, they regained their independence in 1428. The Khmer empire of ...
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  56.  1431
    1431 - However, "the last three centuries of the Khmer Empire were characterized by repeated wars against the neighboring Annamese and Chams . . . and the Siamese."4 The Khmer Empire was finally subjugated by the Siamese in AD 1431.
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    1431 - At its peak, the Khmer Empire covered most of mainland Southeast Asia including Isan. The Khmer maintained their civilization for nearly nine centuries before the Tai people took over and destroyed most of it in AD 1431. Ruangsuwan likens the naga to the ...
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  58.  1432
    1432 - People abandoned Angkor in 1432, after the Khmer Empire declined. But Angkor Wat remained a center for religious worship. Buddhist monks took over the temple and continued to use it for many years. The monks took good care of it. Because of this, the temple ...
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  59.  1434
    1434 - "For five and a half centuries, Angkor was the capital of the great Khmer Empire. Abandoned in 1434, the city was gradually swallowed up by the jungle and almost forgotten--until, four centuries later, it was uncovered by European explorers. This book describes ...
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  60.  1450
    1450 - Vietnam was heavily influenced by China, which ruled the region from the second century BC. until the early tenth century , while Cambodia thrived under the impressive Khmer Empire from 800 to 1450 AD. Laos was more closely related to Siam and they united as ...
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  61.  1472
    1472 - In the 12th cent. the Chams invaded Cambodia and sacked Angkor; subsequently they fell for a time under Khmer rule. Decisively defeated by the Annamese in 1472, the Chams were forced to yield most of their territory N of Tourane (Da Nang).
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  62.  1533
    1533 - The temple was first built in 1533, when the area was under the control of the Khmer Empire, before the area was taken over by Vietnamese settlers in the 17th and 18th centuries. It initially consisted of a wooden building with a thatched roof, before being ...
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  63.  1576
    1576 - of Chanthaburi prov., SE Thailand, near the Gulf of Thailand. It is an agricultural trade center in an...sapphires) are mined nearby. Originally part of the Khmer Empire, the town passed to Thailand in 1576. It was occupied by French forces...
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  64.  1594
    1594 - Beginning in the fifteenth century, though, the Thai kingdom of Siam began its ascendance in the region. After several half- successful attempts, the Siamese sacked Angkor in 1594. The once great city of Angkor never recovered, and the Khmer empire soon fell to ...
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  65.  1623
    1623 - The first Cambodian-Vietnamese confrontation came in the year 1623 when the Vietnamese obtained authorization from the Khmer king to trade in the city of Prey Nokor (present-day Ho Chi Minh City) in the region of Kampujea Krom. The authorization was to be ...
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  66.  1630
    1630 - The wat was built by King Prassatthong in 1630 AD and it consists of a main prang (Khmer-type tower) and four lesser prangs and a gallery of about 120 buddhas. Wat Chaiwatthanaram was a royal chapel like the Wat Phra Si Sanpet hence it has no monks.
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  67.  1673
    1673 - The war between the Trịnh and the Nguyễn had ended in 1673 and life for the northern peasants under the Trịnh Lords was fairly peaceful. However, the Nguyễn Lords engaged in a nearly constant series of wars with the weak Khmer Empire and , later, the fairly ...
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  68.  1707
    1707 - But with internal conflicts taking a larger dimension in 1707, Lan Xang broke to give birth to two other competent empires, Luang Prabang and Vientiane.
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  69.  1734
    1734 - In 1734, Burma defeated Siam and transferred such treasures to Mandalay, a political center in the northern Shan state, where they still resides today.
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  70.  1759
    1759 - Sisaket was originally called Muang Khu Khan. Archaeologists believe the city dates back to the time of the Khmer empire because of the presence of many Khmer ruins. Legend has it that the town was upgraded to a city in 1759 when Ayutthaya was Thailand's capital.
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  71.  1767
    1767 - actually runs back through Ayutthayan design to the Khmer Empire - there is an excellent surviving example in Ayutthaya at Wat Chai Wattana Ram. In many respects, the Ayutthaya destroyed in 1767 was rebuilt at The Grand Palace. For obvious reasons, no-one ...
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  72.  1782
    1782 - The capital, BANGKOK, an attractive blend of Western and Thai architecture, was established in 1782. The history of Thailand before settlement by the Thais remains in dispute. It is believed that Mons inhabited the region and that Thailand was controlled ...
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  73.  1802
    1802 - However, the people succeeded in overthrowing the Hindu Kingdom, Khmer empire, and Le dynasty until the Nguyen dynasty took over the whole country, becoming the first to rule Vietnam in 1802.
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  74.  1821
    1821 - Died for the Khmer nation and religion in 1821. The Vietnamese government beheads [executes] Oknha Son Kuy to exchange the invading VN regime from annihilating the Khmer race, Theravada Buddhism, national language, heritage, culture, custom, tradition, and ...
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  75.  1841
    1841 - When Oknha Son Kuy as beheaded in 1841, people rose up against the Vietnamese through out the country. The Khmer Krom had to stand alone and faced severely retaliations without any supports from King Ang Doung ( 1840-59) of the Khmer Empire(It was ...
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  76.  1860
    1860 - Rediscovered by Westerners in 1860, the Angkor Wat Temple Complex is what remains of the Khmer Empire, which was one of the greatest empires that the world had ever seen. It is a testament to the power of the Khmer kings and the ingenuity of its people. This ...
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  77.  1861
    1861 - Suryavarman II. It was rediscovered by the French in 1861. FTP, name this. capital of the Khmer empire, known for its temple or "Wat." A: Angkor (do not accept "Angkor Wat ...
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  78.  1863
    1863 - A depiction of Angkor Wat has been a part of every Cambodian national flag since the introduction of the first version circa 1863. Khmer Empire The Khmer Empire was the largest empire of South East Asia based in what is now Cambodia. The empire, which ...
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  79.  1866
    1866 - Rediscovered by a team of French archeologists in 1866, the temples cover an area of 200 square kilometers and were founded in the 7th century by King Jayavarman ll. At that time, the Khmer Empire, as Cambodia was then known, occupied much of what is now ...
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  80.  1904
    1904 - The province was ceded back to Cambodia during the period of French Indochina, in 1904. Its name in Laotian is Xieng Teng.Owing to its border location and forested mountain areas in the northeast of the province there was much communist guerrilla activity in ...
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  81.  1907
    Dec 1907 - To celebrate the restoration of the provinces of Battambang and Siem-reap—in which territory stand the famous ruins of Angkor, the capital of the Khmer Empire—the Conseil Supérieur met at Pnom-penh in December, 1907, on which occasion King Sisowath declared ...
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    From CATHOLIC ENCYCLOPEDIA: Indo-China - Related web pages
  82.  1920
    1920 - by CEP1863, 3 more photos Located north of the Royal Palace, the museum is housed in a Khmer-style terracotta building, designed in 1920, by a French architect. Admission to the museum costs $3USD. The museum's four courtyards house one of the world's ...
    Show more

    From National Museum- Phnom Penh, Cambodia - VirtualTourist.com - Related web pages
    www.virtualtourist.com/travel/Asia/Cambodia ...
  83.  1949
    Jun 4, 1949 - On 6-4-1949, French government illegally gave *Kampuchea Krom*( now know as South Vietnam) to Viet Nam. Hue (now know as Central Vietnam)was part of Champa that Khmer Empire was once ruled Champa and most of South East Asia. This Khmer Krom recipe is ...
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    From MyLinh's Recipe - Related web pages
  84.  1953
    1953 - After the fall of Angkor and the great Khmer Empire in the 15th Century, Cambodia fell under the control of the Thai until the French granted independence in 1953. In many senses the piece looks back towards the Golden age of Khmer civilization, when the ...
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    From Barakat Gallery Store - Related web pages
    ancient-jewelry.com/store/Index.cfm/FuseAction ...
  85.  1962
    1962 - In 1962, the World Court ruled that the 11th-century Khmer Empire temple belonged to Cambodia, although the main entrance lies at the foot of a mountain inside Thailand. The long-standing row appeared resolved last month, after Thailand endorsed Cambodia's ...
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    From Asian sites win UNESCO world heritage status - Related web pages
    newsinfo.inquirer.net/breakingnews/world/view ...
  86.  1969
    1969 - At the end of the afternoon, I returned to the streetside full of people and went with one of the motobike guys to the nearby Hang Pagoda, a Khmer style Buddhist temple rebuilt after being hit by a bomb in 1969. Many people of the delta are Khmer people, the ...
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    From Who Can Pass Up A Banana? - The Mekong Delta, Vietnam Travel Blog - Related web pages
    www.travelpod.com/travel-blog-entries/lraleigh ...
  87.  1970
    Jun 12, 1970 - Angkor, now in the hands of North Vietnamese forces, is generally regarded as the consummate masterpiece of the vanished Khmer Empire, which flourished from the 9th to the 13th century. its most majestic, the site of Angkor-its components are the glorious temple of Angkor Wat and the ...
    From Angkor the Masterpiece Of a Vanished Empire - Related web pages
    select.nytimes.com/gst/abstract.html?res ...
  88.  1975
    Apr 17, 1975 - I stroops participated in clandestine ground operations in Cambodia and in 1969 the United States began a secret bombing campaign that lasted more than . Critics of Prince Sihanouk claimed that he was bending too to the left, and in March. three-quarters of the Khmer Republic's air ...
    From Strife-torn Past Of Khmer Empire Reflected In Fall Of Pnom Penh . - Related web pages
    news.google.com/newspapers?id=xggVAAAAIBAJ ...
  89.  1979
    1979 - The Cambodian dance, music, and material arts of today are remarkably similar to those depicted on the walls of the great temples of the Khmer Empire from the 9th to the 15th centuries. After Cambodia was invaded by the Vietnamese in 1979, Cambodians in exile ...
    Show more

    From Cambodians in Long Beach - Related web pages
    books.google.com/books?id=7REDQ54c8b4C&pg=PA49 ...
  90.  1989
    Sep 24, 1989 - Emerald rice fields, irrigated from a reservoir built in the time of the Khmer empire, line the highway from the airport into town. Turning north, the tourist buses pass through a brief stretch of dense forest. As the forest thins, then falls behind, the five central towers of Angkor ...
    docs.newsbank.com/g/GooglePM/LA/lib00086 ...
  91.  1991
    Dec 29, 1991 - As the Cambodian people work, with the help of many others, to heal and restore the modern Khmer nation, comes word that work also is to begin on restoring the symbol of an ancient, vast Khmer empire. The wondrous ruins at Angkor now will receive the attention denied them during two ...
    From The restoration of Angkor - Related web pages
    docs.newsbank.com/g/GooglePM/MN/lib00077 ...
  92.  1992
    Jun 21, 1992 - Pich Keo, the director of Cambodia's national museum, is one of the few Cambodian experts on Angkor -- the ancient capital of the Khmer empire and home to Angkor Wat -- to have survived the Khmer Rouge terror of the 1970's. Pich Keo says he appreciates the fact that in the early 1980's ...
    From Washing Buddha's Face - Related web pages
    www.nytimes.com/1992/06/21/magazine/washing ...
  93.  1993
    Oct 1993 - In Patlabor the Movie 2, the opening scene appears to be based on the Angkor Thom, as said by Hayao Miyazaki in an interview with Animage magazine on October 1993. In Civilization IV: Beyond the Sword, Angkor Thom is the third city to build in Khmer Empire after ...
    From Angkor Thom - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - Related web pages
  94.  1997
    Mar 16, 1997 - These fantastic structures tell of the power and wealth of the mighty Khmer empire that ruled Angkor from the ninth to the 13th centuries Khmer control included all of Southeast Asia extending north to the Yunnan province of China and west to what is now Bangladesh The glory ended ...
    docs.newsbank.com/g/GooglePM/TNTB/lib00274 ...
  95.  1998
    Mar 16, 1998 - The Khmer Empire of Cambodia which flourished from the 9th to the 15th century, gave birth to some of the world's richest works of art and architecture. At its peak in the 12th century, during the reigns of Suryavarman II and the Buddhist King Jayavarman VII, Kmer civilization extended ...
    From Khmer Lost Empire of Cambodia - Related web pages
    www.lovereading.co.uk/book/9780500300848/isbn ...
  96.  2000
    2000 - He obtained his second doctorate on the carved reliefs of Angkor Wat in 2000. Since then he has written various papers on Khmer art and spent several months every year in Cambodia.The Khmer empire, which at its height covered the whole of present-day Cambodia ...
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    From Carved Art | Cinderblock Gallery - Related web pages
  97.  2002
    May 1, 2002 - Cambodia: once the centre of the ancient Khmer Empire, Cambodia is finally emerging from years of turbulence in the aftermath of Pol Pot's despotic rule, during which millions were killed. (Factfinder).(Brief Article) ... find Geographical articles. Official name: Kingdom of Cambodia ...
    From … : once the centre of the ancient Khmer Empire, Cambodia is finally … - Related web pages
    www.highbeam.com/doc/1G1-85879838.html?refid ...
  98.  2003
    Jan 25, 2003 - Travel: Tracing the Khmer empire off the beaten track.(Features) ... find The Birmingham Post (England) articles. Byline: Lisa Piddington Every so often, a press release about a new travel itinerary arrives on m...
    From Article: Travel: Tracing the Khmer empire off the beaten track.(Features) - … - Related web pages
    www.highbeam.com/doc/1G1-96887266.html?refid ...
  99.  2007
    Dec 10, 2007 - Lost city of Khmer empire? ... find New Straits Times articles. New Straits Times 12-10-2007 Lost city of Khmer empire? Edition: Main/Lifestyle Section: Mai ...
    From Article: Lost city of Khmer empire? - New Straits Times | HighBeam … - Related web pages
    www.highbeam.com/doc/1P1-146920912.html?refid ...
  100.  2008
    Oct 1, 2008 - Cambodia is one hot little country and even the most intrepid temple prowler will want to slide into cool water after poking around the tumbled ruins of these looming structures of the ancient Khmer empire. The Angkor temple complex, once a fabulous city that thrived from 802 to 1295AD ...
    From Angkor Wat - shadows of a lost empire - Related web pages
    www.theage.com.au/travel/angkor-wat--shadows ...

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