Review: Language Arts                   
by : DemRaw.  www.khmerconnection.com

Language Arts is a wonderful album. It's the class you never took that you wish you did when you went to school. except your mom don used the "tong tin" money for gambling instead of tuition. Language Arts moves you and takes you along a journey of joints, "joy" (say it in khmer), and a joyful bliss of expression. Mad props to Red, Ted, and Syam. Language Arts is well written and the beats and the lyrics drop like lectures on lust, liquor, and the liquidation of the soul. cervesa. The title of the album is quite appropriate; it's like a 5 paragraph essay. It has an intro, a three body PARA-gRAPh (the 3 mcs), and a conclusion. It's well organized and well written. The flow is as smooth as henny on the rocks. and it'll give you the "Sweetest Hangover."

Needless to say, it's not one of those Christmas album. unless you spell Christmas with XXXmas and spend a lot of time sing'n Xmas carols like "smack her with a *!#@" and "These Horny *!#@^es." But the tunes are so catchy you might be dance'n to it at your next Christmas party or better yet, your next Cambodian Wedding. Your parents will soon be sing'n "smack her her with a *!#@" while doing the Saravan.

The album is not a book but the hooks gotz ya ring'n with guest styles from the Fresh Prince of BatdomBONG in "Before Twenty" to the D12 type of delivery that is so unbelievably real that you have to listen to it couple of time to make sure you didn't hear Eminem. If you listen carefully, you might even hear a bit of preacher praCh doing his thang on "New Day Tomorrow" and Chris Rock doing his routine in the intro to "Massagin' This Stick."

I don't know whether this is the 2nd language first album or not, but the Language Arts is well constructed and the chords will set you a drift along a soulful bliss of Sting's vocals on "Two Queens." This is a complete album and "Corona Nights" is an appropriate closure to a crash course on the up and coming genre of Cambodian rap. Red, Ted, and Syam should all be proud because Language Arts will soon be required rap'n in the study of Cambodian rap.
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