Don't be fooled by her baby face. This 21 year old who goes by the name of ADDA ANGEL
is a proud native of Cambodia. Born and raise in the city of Phnom Penh.
War torn, yes,. broken ambition, no. Rapper, Singer, and
songwriter she is what you call a triple threat.
Srok KHMER stand UP !!!

- Can you give us a brief Bio of yourself.

My name is Adda ( my stage name cuz real name is my Privacy ), 21 years old, was born and raised in Cambodia PP. I have 5 sisters included me and we all have the artist blood. 
I've finished high skul in 2006 and now I'm in University doing my Bachelor Degree of Business management which will be finished in the next 2011.

- At what point in life when you decided that this is ( music) your calling?

I've been involving with this music industry since 2007 by starting with being a Radio presenter at one Radio Station until 2009. During this time I also have cooperated with some of Khmer Rap artists Local which introduced me more about this Rap / Hip hop generation.

- What is your take on the current music scene and sound ?

- The point that starts me with this Music is, I love being unique and I am talented, also I love musics and when the opportunity came, I jumped into it.

- What do you consider your proud accomplishment as far in life?

- I consider it as reality experiences and my own pride which makes me work hard for to achieve my one common goal, is to be me. I wanna show the world what I can do.

- what your take on our current economy ?

- I take Socializations and activities , Teen-Spirits and any different experiences .

- Who inspire you in life ?

- Who inspires me the most in my life, my self ( My own drama & mistakes , what I've been through, heard and saw ) also everything and everyone around inspires me.

- Who do you think is the most over rated Asian Rapper/ musician  and the most under rated?

- Over rated Asian Rap artist and Musician, they are all good in their own different ways and styles I'm not sure who exactly but I think anyone who be themselves and unique and come up with everything new, no copy and of course, Simple.

- If you can work with any one in the music business right now who would it be and why?

- I'd love to join the music business with a company which gives me fully independence and free ways of thinking by self. Unspecific one but some kind of independent record label.

- What is your current project, and where can we find your older projects?

- I am working on my second album which is hard to finalize it right now because I am all by myself - IN DA ZONE hopefully will be releasing soon when our studio things are done and ready, this is my latest project and another one I'm training my self to be an official Mc for any events which I'd love to be beside singing and playing. I released my first album - ADDA THE NEXT GENERATION 2008 under cooperated with KlapYaHands and The Straight Refugeez, the CD is sold here in PP and now free to listen on http://myspace.com/addaangel.

- Where do you see yourself or want to see your self at 10 years from now?

-Actually, I am now starting working for NAVY Headwater , in the office of International Relations and Communications. I also have the business background so beside singing I can see my self working stably for Government or any Organization in town or somewhere in the world , or running my own business which I can be my own boss. :) this is what I expect my self to be in 10 years from now.

- What is your movement and why should we support you?

-Through my original talents and uniques, I have a huge support from those fans who love to see my original performance , products and are inspiration to their teenage life and everyday living. 
I sing from the heart and I am being me , i'm not singing for money or as business, but for my own pride and credits, support me just like you support a talented khmer girl who is an educated person, independent with respects.

- 7 words to best describe yourself?

Im Adda, Independent, Confident and Talented Khmer girl.

- 7 thing you would put in your time capsule?

- Any last words ?

Last but not least, I love you and Keep supporting me and every Khmer artist who are being originally them.
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